Corporate Profile

The DTC Group enjoys a glorious history of over 40 years in India’s mining industry. The Group was established in the mid-Eighties when Mr. Satyanarayan Jalan took over a century-old mining company in Bihar (now Jharkhand, India’s richest state in mineral resources).

DTC, encouraged by liberalisation, widened its business to growing sectors like real state, finance and infrastructure.

DTC grew its presence in each segment through a long-term commitment that combined service quality, timely delivery and corporate professionalism. Besides, DTC proactively deepened its sectoral presence by extending from a basic engagement to value-addition (whether to minerals or stone chips) with the objective to provide superior customer service on the one hand and reinforce the business model on the other.

The DTC Group is headquartered in Kolkata and comprises five Group companies – DTC Securities Limited, DTC Projects Private Limited, East Commercial Private Limited, Rajmahal Quartz Sand & Kaolin Co. and DTC Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

The DTC Group is headed by its founder-Chairman Mr.Satyanarayan Jalan and Managing Director Mr. Dinesh Jalan. The Group comprises more than 75 management executives and 200 individuals.